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Action for Brasil’s Children Fundraiser Party @ Barrio North

Our friends at Barrio North are putting a load of parties for carnival this weekend, with the last due being Tuesday the 24th. There’s £3 Abelha caipirinhas all night, free brasilian food, samba and b-boys. DJ Limão is playing a load of Rio Funk and carnival tunes and it’s also raising money for Action for Brazil’s Children.

party flyer for carnaval fundraiser party at barrio north, N1

For those of you that haven’t been, Barrio North is a latin vibe DJ bar on Essex Road (Angel tube is 5 mins), great cocktails, friendly staff, and gets dancey-busy with a good looking N1 crowd Thursday through til Saturday. They also have a goddamn caravan right in the middle of the bar, and serve a mean caipirinha (made with the finest small batch cachaça from Bahia – that’s Abelha Cachaça, for those of you who are slow to catch on!!) too.


Paradise Lost Party Cocktails


Last weekend, our friends Sam (Digital City) and Duncan hired a gigantic country house in Devon for their birthday party. We turned up with a boatload of limes and cases of the good stuff to knock out some cocktails for his beautiful and immaculately attired guests.

Photo from Ollie

Cheers to Sam and Duncan for organising, and big props to Ollie who turned up to help us at the bar. To find out about our other events, parties and news, join up to our Facebook group or subscribe to this blog! Saúde!


Ollie, after you’ve done that pineapple caipirinha for that guy, could you maybe do a glasses run? We’re running out of highballs. If you also hold some hot girls and make finger pistols that would be useful too.
Photo from Ollie

Wikipedia: Catsuits can be worn by both genders, but are usually seen worn by females in a sexual fetish context, and despite the name, catsuits in general do not have feline characteristics.
Photo from Ollie

Abelha Cachaça is proud to be the world’s only cachaça to have been fake blessed the fake Catholic Church.

Photo from Ollie

Photo from Ollie


Cachaça, Cocktails and Cartels: Exclusive Preview Party


Saturday 29th November saw our exclusive pre-launch preview party at the Austin Gallery in Shoreditch. Thanks to everyone who came down, we were pretty packed at one point – a lot of limes and a few ping pong balls were harmed in the course of the evening. The first of many good cachaça-fueled nights to come. Special thanks to our bar staff Jess, Sarah and Emma, who did an excellent job keeping you all in drinks.


Props to Cookie’s crew (Cookie, Nicky, Ele, Sachi) and the Fun Bus (Molly, Tom, Selina, Anthony) who joint win the prizes for best crews as Naked Brasilians and Queen, respectively.


The whole night went perfectly, apart from my screw-up where I directed everyone to the wrong venue for the after-party, which caused a few groups of people to wander aimlessly up and down Hackney Road looking for a non-existent strip club. For those that did make it the after-party, may I apologise and say I have no idea what those naked guys were doing in the club (aside from fluffing themselves); they were definitely not from the Abelha Q4 marketing budget!

If you’d like to know about where and when our next party is, keep checking this blog, or sign up to our Facebook fan page by clicking here

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In the meantime, enjoy the pictures! Thanks (or perhaps no thanks) to Tanya and Ollie for photography.
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