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Buy Abelha Cachaça in our Soho, Central London shop

I’m pleased to announce that we have now set up a new secret off license right store on Berwick Street, right in the center of Soho, London.

Berwick News and Food

Berwick News and Food, shortly to be renamed Berwick News, Food and Quality Cachaça, is now stocking Abelha Cachaça Silver and Gold. It’s an excellent shop and I suggest you go there on your lunchbreak to get a Mars bar, bag of Frazzles and a 70cl bottle of Abelha Cachaça. That’s what I have for lunch every day anyway.

Cachaça Abelha Silver £16.99 - excellent unaged cachaça with great nose, full flavour and a smooth dry finish. Great for caipirinhas and other cocktails.

Cachaça Abelha Gold £22.99 - a matchless cachaça that’s aged for three years in Brasilian Ash barrels to give it beautiful mellow flavour. For sipping neat, caipirinhas or cocktails, or in a shot glass with a dot of honey.

Click around our site to read more about our cachaça. Check the map too for other bars or restaurants that stock us.

Berwick News and Food
39 Berwick Street

Tel: 020 7287 8583

Open Monday to Saturday, 7.30am to 8pm
Nearest tubes: Tottenham Court Road (5 minutes walk) or Oxford Circus (5 minutes walk)