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Mixology Monday XLVI: Tequila Sazerac

Tequila Sazerac

A tribute to one of my favourite London cocktail bars, the Lonsdale. A real industry hangout with an excellent cocktail menu, this is from the “Bartender’s Favourites” pages.

Their menu is here on Scribd, here is the extract:

Chill a rocks glass and leave it on the side. In a mixing glass packed with ice cubes, pour 10ml of agave nectar, four dashes of Peychaud Bitters and 50ml of 1800 Añejo Tequila. Stir gently until perfect dilution and temperature. Drop the crushed ice off the rock glass and coat it with absinthe by spinning it up in the air and scream: TEQUILA SAZERAC! Pour the mix into the glass and garnish it with a lime twist. Enjoy.

Great drink, I actually prefer it with a blanco tequila and a good dose of lime twist to fight the anise.