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Abelha Cocktails – Martinezinho

abelha cocktail notebook #2 - martinezinho

Monday night sees the Abelha research lab knock up a take on a martinez. Really good, the vermouth and cachaça round each other out, and the maraschino brings it all together.

50ml Abelha cachaça gold (3 year aged)
50ml Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth
2 bar spoons Luxardo maraschino
2 dashes of orange or grapefruit bitters
Stir over ice until cold, then strain into a chilled martini glass.


Abelha Cachaça Cocktails #1: A Caçadora

Abelha Cachaça Cocktails #1: A Caçadora

Sloe gin makes me think of the English countryside, posh voices carrying across fresh cold air, and hunting. Hence, “A Caçadora” means “The Huntress” in Portuguese.

This is a martini with an interesting, almost wine-like nose, then the unmistakable honeyed warmth of Abelha Cachaça Gold on the tongue, and a smooth finish with a hint of the gin herbals. The other flavours reduce the heavy (cloying?) sweetness of the sloes really nicely.

30ml Abelha Cachaça Gold
20ml Sloe gin
50ml Pomegranate juice

Shake ingredients and strain into a martini glass. Ideal garnish is a blackberry and cherry.