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Abelha Cachaça now available in Edinburgh

You can now buy Abelha Cachaça in Edinburgh, Scotland!
Our friends at Royal Mile Whiskies carry both Abelha Silver and Gold both in store and online.

Royal Mile Whiskies Edinburgh
379 High St
Tel – 0131 2253383

Royal Mile Whiskies London
3 Bloomsbury St
Tel – 0207 4364763

Buy Online at


Abelha Cocktail Research Lab – Bees n Ting

Bees n Ting
50ml Abelha Cachaca Gold (3 year old), into an ice filled highball. Top up with Ting (Jamaican Grapefruit Soda).

In terms of a basic cachaca + mixer drink, I don’t think you can get much better than this. The fruityness of the 3 year really shines through the Ting. It’s a difficult one to describe, but it just really works. From the most unlikely Jamaican/Brasilian ambassador, Will Foster of Casita Bar, London.

Link to Casita Facebook Page


Abelha Cocktail Research Lab – Brasilian Lady

Abelha Cocktails - Brasilian Lady

From Colin Macy, who heads up the bar at Barrio North, this is a delicious tropical take on a White Lady:

40ml Cachaça Abelha Silver
20ml Cointreau
20ml Lemon Juice
15ml Simple Syrup
Flesh of half a passionfruit
Half an egg white

Dry shake all ingredients (to add froth), then add ice and re-shake. Fine strain into a coupette, and garnish with the other half of the passionfruit.



Abelha Cachaça Retailing in Whole Foods Market Kensington

Pretty exciting – Abelha Cachaça are working with Whole Foods Market in Kensington as our official retail partner! They will be stocking Abelha Silver and Abelha Gold in their new spirits section, alongside a lot of other excellent, organic spirits.

If you haven’t been to the store before, you should do – it’s huge, and full of delicious stuff, including a machine from which you can blend and dispense your own fresh pistachio nut butter. We are now giving you the perfect excuse to get down there, as this Saturday 29th August, we’ll be down there doing sampling.

We’ll be knocking out caipirinhas, other fresh fruit cocktails and a delicious new serve of Abelha Cachaça mixed with Organic Elderflower Presse, all made with things you can find in the store.

2-6 pm, Saturday 26th August

Whole Foods Market
63 Kensington High St
London, W8
020 7368 4500


Abelha recipes from around the web

Thought I’d take a moment to show some of the amazing things that cocktail bloggers have been up to with Abelha. First up is Jay from Oh Gosh, with this take on an Old Fashioned using lemongrass syrup and Abelha Gold:

Nova Abelha

* 2 shots / 60 ml / 2 oz Abelha Gold
* ⅓ shot / 10 ml / ⅓ oz lemon grass syrup
* ¼ shot / 7.5 ml / ¼ oz Falernum
* 2 dashes TBT Lemon bitters

Stir all ingredients thoroughly with ice. Strain in to an ice-filled old-fashioned and garnish with a lemon zest twist.
The cachaça and lemon grass syrup play together nicely rounding out the spirit and creating an interesting lightly aromatic drink. The falernum adds a touch of brightness to the drink and the lemon bitters round the flavours out nicely. Depending on your syrup and falernum you will need to watch the sweetness, but if the balance is right this is quite an enjoyable sipper.

Tiare from A Mountain of Crushed Ice in Sweden said:

…really nice and smooth – with a hint of honey, sugarcane and grass. A hint of the typical earthy flavour is there as well to remind you that this is cachaca. I can safely say this is the best I have tasted as far as cachacas go…

Bahia Rose (Rosa da Bahia)

* 2 oz Abelha Cachaca Silver
* 1 oz Aperol
* 1 oz fresh ruby grapefruit
* 0.5 oz fresh lime
* 0.5 oz simple syrup.

Shake and pour in saucer type of glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a grapefruit rose and add two straws.

Last but not least – I have got to get up to Edinburgh before too long, as there seem to be are a plethora of excellent bars and bartenders there. Jon from The Old Town Alchemy Co – great name for a cocktail blog, was also impressed by Abelha and came up with this simple yet delicious (I can say this now I have tried it) take on a daquiri using a little maraschino.

…I was completely blown away by the Silver. On the nose it has those familiar vegetal notes that come with cachacas and rhums agricole, but it also has a pleasant honey scent with a touch of citrus to it. The mouth feel is great – a slightly viscous texture, with a strong finish but without chemical burn of column-still spirit.


50ml Abelha Silver Cachaca
25ml freshly squeezed lime juice
10ml sugar cane syrup
1 barspoon Maraschino
Shake all ingredients with ice and fine-strain into a chilled martini/coupette glass. Twist a lime zest over the top and discard. Garnish with a cocktail cherry.

Cheers guys!


Braziliality’s 1st Birthday Party

Braziliality, curated by the lovely Alicia Bastos, is an ongoing monthly art exhibition at the 16mm Cafe in Soho, which showcases work from Brazilian artists, or work inspired by Brazil.

We were happy to sponsor their first Birthday party, as it featured work from Eduardo Zappia who joined up with the volunteer firefighters in Chapada Diamantina (where Abelha Cachaça is created), to combat the massive bushfires there last year.

Alicia, Founder of Braziliality (Centre)

Artist, Eduardo Zappia

Anthony tells a little about Abelha Cachaca

Ant and Hal of Abelha Cachaca

All images from Braziliality


Abelha Cachaça now available for the London Trade via Coe Vintners

We pleased to announce that Coe Vintners are now distributing Abelha Cachaca to bars and restaurants around London.

If you already purchase from Coe’s, just ask your rep. If not, get in touch with them on
+44 (020) 8551 4966 or via their website Or get in touch with us directly on the contact page.


Abelha Cachaça Surf Show 2009


Pictures from our Annual Surf Trip and Strategic Vision Alignment Management Camp. Caipirinhas on the beach at Woolacombe Bay, North Devon.


In case you’re wondering why it’s called surf show, when it clearly isn’t actually a show, it’s because in Brasil, they love the english word “show” and frequently misuse it to mean something that isn’t a show at all. Hence you might see a little hot dog vending cart called HOTDOG SHOW.




Action for Brasil’s Children Fundraiser Party @ Barrio North

Our friends at Barrio North are putting a load of parties for carnival this weekend, with the last due being Tuesday the 24th. There’s £3 Abelha caipirinhas all night, free brasilian food, samba and b-boys. DJ Limão is playing a load of Rio Funk and carnival tunes and it’s also raising money for Action for Brazil’s Children.

party flyer for carnaval fundraiser party at barrio north, N1

For those of you that haven’t been, Barrio North is a latin vibe DJ bar on Essex Road (Angel tube is 5 mins), great cocktails, friendly staff, and gets dancey-busy with a good looking N1 crowd Thursday through til Saturday. They also have a goddamn caravan right in the middle of the bar, and serve a mean caipirinha (made with the finest small batch cachaça from Bahia – that’s Abelha Cachaça, for those of you who are slow to catch on!!) too.


Abelha Cocktails – Martinezinho

abelha cocktail notebook #2 - martinezinho

Monday night sees the Abelha research lab knock up a take on a martinez. Really good, the vermouth and cachaça round each other out, and the maraschino brings it all together.

50ml Abelha cachaça gold (3 year aged)
50ml Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth
2 bar spoons Luxardo maraschino
2 dashes of orange or grapefruit bitters
Stir over ice until cold, then strain into a chilled martini glass.