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Abelha Cachaça Retailing in Whole Foods Market Kensington

Pretty exciting - Abelha Cachaça are working with Whole Foods Market in Kensington as our official retail partner! They will be stocking Abelha Silver and Abelha Gold in their new spirits section, alongside a lot of other excellent, organic spirits.

If you haven’t been to the store before, you should do - it’s huge, and full of delicious stuff, including a machine from which you can blend and dispense your own fresh pistachio nut butter. We are now giving you the perfect excuse to get down there, as this Saturday 29th August, we’ll be down there doing sampling.

We’ll be knocking out caipirinhas, other fresh fruit cocktails and a delicious new serve of Abelha Cachaça mixed with Organic Elderflower Presse, all made with things you can find in the store.

2-6 pm, Saturday 26th August

Whole Foods Market
63 Kensington High St
London, W8
020 7368 4500