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t-shirt giveaway!


Earlier this year we printed a few of these superchic t-shirts, featuring the Abelha Dog in a representation of the classic wolf-moon t-shirts. To bag a free one, all you have to do is go write an online review of Abelha. You can do it on an online retailer site, e.g., or any other suitable drinks-related site/blog. We have lots of sizes, girls and boys.


1. You must have tried Abelha and it must be a truthful review! We do not support spamming the Internet with fake nonsense.

2. Reviews will be judged on how helpful and accurate they are, regardless of whether they are positive or negative about the product. It doesn’t need to be anything dreadfully long or intelligent either. Keep it about the product and company.

3. Judges decision is final. Send a link to your review to


Hal runs the world’s toughest foot race across the Sahara

Hal !

Earlier this year, Hal decided to run the Marathon des Sables. It’s 250km across the Sahara desert, on foot, over a week. So it’s sort of the equivalent of running a marathon each day for 6 days, only you do it in the desert, carrying all your own food and gear. If you’re Hal, you also carry a sample bottle of Abelha.

Hal ended up finished an incredible 23rd out of over 1000 people, making him the 2nd highest place Brit in the event (one of the olympic rowers beat him) – pretty amazing.

Check out Hal’s photos from the Sahara here.


Abelha Corp diversifies into fashion

artist olivia skalkos

Introducing our new line of apparel, the 2010 official Abelha Dog Bees Moon shirt. They’re a totally limited run of less than 80 shirts, featuring artwork by Olivia Skalkos (pictured above)

These shirts are available to buy in store at Benny’s Bar & Gallery in Brick Lane E2, or here online.



stopmotion caipirinha silliness

How to make a caipirinha cocktail from Abelha Cachaca on Vimeo.

Here is a video I made ages ago after being inspired by stop-motion videos on YouTube.  One ‘beef’ with it is elegantly pointed out by a viewer from New York – why use a measure?! Although we’re not massively concerned with how caipirinhas are made (as long as the drinker enjoys) another beef might be the horizontal cutting of the limes – but you try controlling a sharp knife with the mind alone and see if you can cut them any other way. Happy New Year!


A day at the Abelha Cachaça offices part 2

In this weeks episode, Pedro Souza dos Santos (our management accountant) a.k.a. Dog, comes to terms with the new holiday approval system.


Festinho pics and the Abelha Cachaça Beach Bar


After a long weekend of cheap paint and the wrong size screws in the Abelha Research Lab (Ant’s Shed) the Abelha beach bar cart was born. We went to Festinho with a good crew of Matt, Andy, Ferdie, Rosie, Yael and the inimitable Mr Jeevon. After an initial setback in which the cart blew over and broke 2 of the bulbs in the disco lights, we anchored it down, rocked out hard and gave people a lot of caipirinha joy.


Woods dance stage at Festinho

A huge hit at the festival were the Abelha cocktails, Caipirinha. Abelha is a 100% organic cachaca (a brazilian rum) freshly mixed at the Beach Bar these were seen all around the festival…

Perfect Pitch Magazine

Festinho was excellent, great organisation, good atmosphere, and good beats. They raise a lot of money for the ABC Trust too, which is a charity supporting Brazilian Children. Thanks to the organisers, volunteers, everyone who helped out, and everyone who had a drink with us!


Our new Signature Serve

All the mixologists in London, you can stop working on Abelha drinks now… I found this link on my Google Alerts via Phil at Cachacagora

What’s the strangest drink you’ve ever been served?

In South America, there are large and sleepy bees and the kids wrap cotton threads around them while they’re asleep so they end up on a leash. I was served a drink that consisted of cachaca and champagne poured over honeycomb. One end of the string was tied around the honeycomb; on the other end was a live garnish. As the honeycomb slowly dissolves, the string releases and the bee flies away.

Max Warner, Chivas Regal, Brand Ambassador, interviewed in the Sydney Morning Herald

I have got to try this. Apparently you can stun bees by putting them in the freezer for 5 minutes, at which point they are drowsy enough to tie a thread around. Here’s a video of someone flying a bee on a string.

However, until summer comes and bees appear, we have only Pedro Souza dos Santos, the Abelha Office Dog. On the plus side, he has a lead already, on the downside, he would eat the honeycomb.

The Abelha Office Dog, with Lead. Not a suitable cocktail garnish.