Abelha Cachaça starts life in Bahia, Northern Brasil, where a collective of small-holding farmers grow sugar cane 100% organically on highland sandy soils – it’s harder work, but gives better quality cane and a fuller taste.

The cane is processed within 24 hours of being cut to ensure freshness, and then fermented. We get our yeast by culturing yeast found growing naturally on green sugar cane – we do not use lab-selected or single strain yeasts.

From here, we distill the cachaça in small batches in traditional copper stills, and keep only a small fraction (the heart or coraçao) to be rested or aged.
Abelha Cachaça Silver is a premium hand-crafted white, or rested (descansada) cachaça, with a clean and natural flavour which makes perfect caipirinhas.

Abelha Cachaça Gold is aged for 3 years in small 250L garapeira wooden barrels, during which time some undesirable elements can evaporate away, and the wood imparts a beautiful mellow tone to the cachaca. The result is the naturally full-flavoured, well-balanced cachaça to enjoy neat or mixed in cocktails.

Here’s a slideshow of the production process of Abelha Cachaça:

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