Hal runs the world’s toughest foot race across the Sahara

Hal !

Earlier this year, our own Hal Stockley (Abelha co-founder) decided to run the Marathon des Sables. It’s 250km across the Sahara desert, on foot, over a week. So it’s sort of the equivalent of running a marathon each day for 6 days, only you do it in the desert, carrying all your own food and gear. If you’re Hal, you also carry a sample bottle of Abelha.

Hal ended up finished an incredible 23rd out of over 1000 people, making him the 2nd highest place Brit in the event (one of the olympic rowers beat him) – pretty amazing. Now get the invoicing done please.

Check out Hal’s photos from the Sahara here.

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  1. Hal, this is amazing! congrats to the 23rd place, very well done sir!


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