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Abelha Cocktail Research Lab - Bees n Ting

Bees n Ting
50ml Abelha Cachaca Gold (3 year old), into an ice filled highball. Top up with Ting (Jamaican Grapefruit Soda).

In terms of a basic cachaca + mixer drink, I don’t think you can get much better than this. The fruityness of the 3 year really shines through the Ting. It’s a difficult one to describe, but it just really works. From the most unlikely Jamaican/Brasilian ambassador, Will Foster of Casita Bar, London.

Link to Casita Facebook Page


The Wednesday Night Drink returns, Rumfest and Barrio North’s 2nd Birthday weekender

The Wednesday Night Drink
After a long absence, due to festivals, trade shows and the like, we are back with the Wednesday Night Drink. We’re off to West London, to drink in one of London’s truly fine bars, Montgomery Place. It’s a little bit too nice a bar to play Buckaroo in, but Hal will take on all-comers in the new Sport of Cachaça Backgammon. We will buy a few rounds for the early birds so get down as soon as you can.

The Wednesday Night Drink - Facebook event link
Wednesday 21st October - 6:30pm onwards
Montgomery Place
31 Kensington Park Road | Notting Hill | W11 2EU

The biggest rum exhibition for both trade and the general public. There are tons of tastings, seminars and cocktail mixing sessions and you can even buy bottles there. We’ll be around on the Sunday!

Rumfest - Link to website and tickets
24th and 25th October 12pm til 7pm
The Lawrence Hall, The Royal Horticultural Halls, Grey Coat Street, Victoria, London SW1P 1PE

Barrio North’s 2nd Birthday Weekender
Our mate Ferdie’s bar is going off all weekend too, we’ll be there on the Friday, serving caipirinhas onto the street with the now famous Abelha Beach Bar Cart thing. The NextMen are playing - I hadn’t actually heard of them until I saw them at the Sandsifter in Cornwall, and it was the best DJ set I’d heard all year.

Blowing Up the Barrio - event Friday 23rd October
Facebook page

Barrio North, 45 Essex Rd, London, N1


A day at the Abelha Cachaça offices part 2

In this weeks episode, Pedro Souza dos Santos (our management accountant) a.k.a. Dog, comes to terms with the new holiday approval system.


Different woods used to age cachaça

Good article here from the American Society in Sao Paolo, about the different woods used to age cachaca:

Prime cachaças age in wood barrels made from over 26 different native Brazilian trees, giving them different body and characteristics. As even the most seasoned people around the world are only used to oak barrel-aged spirits, the discovery of these unexpected notes can intrigue even the most experienced connoisseur.

It’s really interesting to see the reactions of people to Abelha Gold, which is aged for 3 years in garapeira - a type of native Brazilian Ash. Abelha Gold doesn’t have the familiar vanilla or toffee notes that oak imparts to spirits, which can throw people sometimes.

In fact, garapeira is valued by cachaca producers in Brasil as a wood which doesn’t change the base flavour of the cachaca - you still get that sugar cane palette, but another layer of sweetness and spice appears.

Here’s an example of 2 more Brasilian woods and popular brands. Seleta is being imported to the UK now, not sure where exactly you can get it though.

Brands Seleta and Boazinha come from the very same distillation process, separated when first out of the alambique. Seleta is then aged in umburana while Boazinha is aged in balsam. The end result is two brands with completely different personalities. I prefer the umburana-aged Seleta as it has both softness and a strong body to it. Boazinha, to me, has too much of an aftertaste that makes me want to have a glass of cold beer in between sips.

Read the rest of the article here.

UK available cachacas and the woods used for aging:

Leblon - Rested for a few months in XO Cognac casks

Cabana - Rested for a few months in Jequitiba Rosa

Boca Loca - Rested for a few months in large Jequitiba barrels

Abelha Gold -Aged for 3 years in 250 litre garapeira barrels

Moleca Gold -Aged for 3 years in oak barrels

Sagatiba Velha - Aged for 2 years in unknown wood


Abelha Cocktail Research Lab - Brasilian Lady

Abelha Cocktails - Brasilian Lady

From Colin Macy, who heads up the bar at Barrio North, this is a delicious tropical take on a White Lady:

40ml Cachaça Abelha Silver
20ml Cointreau
20ml Lemon Juice
15ml Simple Syrup
Flesh of half a passionfruit
Half an egg white

Dry shake all ingredients (to add froth), then add ice and re-shake. Fine strain into a coupette, and garnish with the other half of the passionfruit.