Naked Turtle relaunch

Abelha Cachaca was proud to support the re-launch of the famous Naked Turtle in East Sheen. The restaurant / cocktail bar renown for it’s high quality jazz and great drinks is back with a vengeance. Given a complete make-over, the place now sparkles with the same energy as the jazz numbers that fly off the keys each night. The launch was a special evening. It kicked off with Bruce Forsyth unleashing his inner tiger and breaking the red tape; drinks and music then flowed all night.

The Naked Turtle is the home of Dee Livingstone’s all-singing team of waitresses from the BBC1 talent show and the night kicked off with their a capella rendition of Candyman. Victoria Hart ( was back at the restaurant where she was ‘discovered’. She was followed by a number of other excellent performers – all no doubt destined for stardom as well.

Paddy and Dee, the Naked Turtle’s inimitable hosts, are always on hand to chat and welcome guests. They are a perfect combination for the restaurant and are at the centre of its excellent music and drinks. As well as the waitresses, most of the rest of the team are also partial to taking the mike. I am told that Angus, the current sommelier definitely does NOT sing, but ask any of the others and they’ll probably give you a pitch-perfect rendition of your favourite tune.

With bar stool tables at the front, dining room, a cosy seating area and a new garden, the Naked Turtle is a bar for all occasions. Get down this summer for a caipirinha in the garden or book in for a sumptuous evening of great food and jazz… maybe start the evening of relaxation off with Dale DeGroff’s Aphrodisiac cocktail: Abelha Gold and Grand Marnier.

The Naked Turtle, 505-507 Upper Richmond Road, London SW14 7DE. TEL: 0208 878 1995


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