pics from Brasil and minor news

I’m just back from hanging out at the fazenda (farm) in Brasil. We talked a lot about cane, yeast, fermentation, distillation (I talked in very bad Portuguese), tasted a lot of cachaça, and even managed to get a day’s surfing in too. So a great trip all round.

Seriously though, we’ve been discussing feedback from everyone here in the UK with our distillers and and trying to work out ways which we can make Abelha even better in the future.

We also have the first run out of an Abelha that’s been aged for 6 years in oak, which is absolutely delicious. More news to come on that, but in the meanwhile, here’s a few picture highlights of Bahia.

view over the fazenda
Our farm in the Chapada Diamantinha

Treehouse on the farm

graffiti in cidade alta, salvador
Nice graffiti in Salvador

40c coffee cart in salvador
Love this little street coffee cart, especially the fact it’s a 6 wheeler

ponte da cachaca, Salvador aiport
Cachaça Store in Salvador


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