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All the mixologists in London, you can stop working on Abelha drinks now… I found this link on my Google Alerts via Phil at Cachacagora

What’s the strangest drink you’ve ever been served?

In South America, there are large and sleepy bees and the kids wrap cotton threads around them while they’re asleep so they end up on a leash. I was served a drink that consisted of cachaca and champagne poured over honeycomb. One end of the string was tied around the honeycomb; on the other end was a live garnish. As the honeycomb slowly dissolves, the string releases and the bee flies away.

Max Warner, Chivas Regal, Brand Ambassador, interviewed in the Sydney Morning Herald

I have got to try this. Apparently you can stun bees by putting them in the freezer for 5 minutes, at which point they are drowsy enough to tie a thread around. Here’s a video of someone flying a bee on a string.

However, until summer comes and bees appear, we have only Pedro Souza dos Santos, the Abelha Office Dog. On the plus side, he has a lead already, on the downside, he would eat the honeycomb.

The Abelha Office Dog, with Lead. Not a suitable cocktail garnish.

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