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Casita is 17th Best Bar in the World

Our friend Will’s bar, Casita, has just been placed at 17th in the Worlds Best Bars, in Class Magazine.

casita bar

Casita is an absolutely uniquely good place to drink in London, so this is a well deserved award. It has the kind of warm and hedonsitic atmosphere of a really good seasonairres bar, coupled with excellent cocktails, right in the middle of London.

We’re proud to have him stock us as cachaça of choice and you should go there for a caipirinha. Or hit them up on their Facebook group.

5A Ravey St London, EC2A 4QW


Our new Signature Serve

All the mixologists in London, you can stop working on Abelha drinks now… I found this link on my Google Alerts via Phil at Cachacagora

What’s the strangest drink you’ve ever been served?

In South America, there are large and sleepy bees and the kids wrap cotton threads around them while they’re asleep so they end up on a leash. I was served a drink that consisted of cachaca and champagne poured over honeycomb. One end of the string was tied around the honeycomb; on the other end was a live garnish. As the honeycomb slowly dissolves, the string releases and the bee flies away.

Max Warner, Chivas Regal, Brand Ambassador, interviewed in the Sydney Morning Herald

I have got to try this. Apparently you can stun bees by putting them in the freezer for 5 minutes, at which point they are drowsy enough to tie a thread around. Here’s a video of someone flying a bee on a string.

However, until summer comes and bees appear, we have only Pedro Souza dos Santos, the Abelha Office Dog. On the plus side, he has a lead already, on the downside, he would eat the honeycomb.

The Abelha Office Dog, with Lead. Not a suitable cocktail garnish.


The Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race 2009

On the same day as a similar sounding event, Sunday the 29th March 2009, we will race two actual goats along a difficult, meandering course lined with cheering spectators.


It’s a charity event we’re putting on in collaboration with Magic-Ish (and Cookie and Nicky) to help raise money for Spitalfields City Farm, situated just behind Brick Lane.

Spitalfields City Farm is a charity which aims to promote, amongst other things, animal welfare and sustainable farming practices, things which are right down our alley.

So come down, browse Brick Lane market and cheer on the goats, then come for a free caipirinha at the Dragon Bar down on Shoreditch High Street.



2:00pm doors open

Donation £3 to enter. (100% of all money taken goes straight to the farm). Includes a free caipirinha.

** The Official Goat Race Bookie and Sweepstake
** Goatee Knitting Race
** Remote Goats in Coats on Boats which Float in Moats Game

3:30pm The Race Starts

4:00pm Prize giving ceremony

4:30pm Afterparty at the Dragon Bar

=====Dress Code=====
Strictly: Black Tie, Rowing lycra, boat club jackets and ties, or goat.

=====Date and Location=====
Sunday March 29th
Spitalfields City Farm, Buxton Street, London, E1 5AR
Click here for map
Nearest tubes: Whitechapel 5 mins, Bethnal Green 5 mins, Aldgate East 5 mins


So that’s it.

It’s going to be loads of fun - if you want to come, why not get involved with the pre-race banter on the Facebook event page here.