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Abelha Cachaça Cocktails #1: A Caçadora

Abelha Cachaça Cocktails #1: A Caçadora

Sloe gin makes me think of the English countryside, posh voices carrying across fresh cold air, and hunting. Hence, “A Caçadora” means “The Huntress” in Portuguese.

This is a martini with an interesting, almost wine-like nose, then the unmistakable honeyed warmth of Abelha Cachaça Gold on the tongue, and a smooth finish with a hint of the gin herbals. The other flavours reduce the heavy (cloying?) sweetness of the sloes really nicely.

30ml Abelha Cachaça Gold
20ml Sloe gin
50ml Pomegranate juice

Shake ingredients and strain into a martini glass. Ideal garnish is a blackberry and cherry.


Meet team Abelha: Pedro Souza dos Santos

Pedro Souza dos Santos, Head of Security, Abelha Cachaça London
Name: Pedro Souza dos Santos
AKA: Jacaré, Dogface
Age: 9 months
Role: Head of Cachaça Security

Pedro may be the youngest member of the Abelha team, but he is only one to have killed animals with his teeth. This makes him amply qualified to guard our cachaça supplies from threats such as the office vacuum cleaner and people who may have been stroking cats.


Our Bottle Labels

Abelha Cachaca bottle labels

People either love or hate the labels - they’re illustrated by hand and designed to be a bit rustic and crafty rather than in-your-face Brasilian. Art and illustration is by Holly Wales and Anthony Sheret.

Holly Wales

Holly is an up and coming artist/illustrator who lives between London and Berlin, and her work has featured in the New York Times and the Telegraph Magazine. We used to work together, and the piece she did that stuck in my mind the most was the tape duck. We love handmade stuff like this. See more of Holly’s work on her blog.

Tape Duck by Holly Wales