Our Bottle Labels

Abelha Cachaca bottle labels

People either love or hate the labels - they’re illustrated by hand and designed to be a bit rustic and crafty rather than in-your-face Brasilian. Art and illustration is by Holly Wales and Anthony Sheret.

Holly Wales

Holly is an up and coming artist/illustrator who lives between London and Berlin, and her work has featured in the New York Times and the Telegraph Magazine. We used to work together, and the piece she did that stuck in my mind the most was the tape duck. We love handmade stuff like this. See more of Holly’s work on her blog.

Tape Duck by Holly Wales

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  1. This sounds great - and the labels are so beautiful! Good luck!

  2. Hey Dan, how are you doing. Thanks for the support. Are you going to beersphere next Thursday?

  3. These labels are absolutely lovely and I can’t wait to try what’s inside

  4. Really nice labels, embodies the brand and Cachaca as a whole, very well I think.

  5. Emily Abelha

    The labels are awesome, Plus it has my last name…

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